We offer a range of massage and energy flow. Before we begin our practice together, you will receive a comprehensive consultation. Book a single session or choose a longer term plan designed specifically for you. Our massage clinics are in Grundisburgh, Halesworth and Woodbridge, Suffolk.


Beautiful and deeply healing, Breema invites your body, mind and feelings to connect, allowing you the space to experience your true nature. Experience how this nurturing touch, tension-relieving stretches and rhythmic movements create physical, mental and emotional balance.*

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A specialised, gentle massage technique that stimulates your body’s lymphatic system, improving your metabolism, helping your body to eliminate waste and providing a boost to your immune system. It is a rhythmical and deeply relaxing treatment.*


This universal healing energy gently flows through your whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit, promoting a deep sense of relaxation, peace and security. During Reiki the giver places their hands on you, allowing this beautiful, healing energy to flow through them.

Thai Massage

With it's unique and interactive style Thai Massage is based on the principles of compassion and healing. Experience this deep way of relieving stress and tension that uses gentle pressure with the hands and feet combined with a wide variety of passive stretching movements. *


An integrative, truly holistic full body massage - wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. Focusing on supporting and balancing your energetic, nervous, glandular and lymphatic systems as well as stretching and releasing your tired and tight muscles, and enhancing your emotional wellbeing. *

What people say:

 “I highly recommend Ana for her professionalism and expert advice. I have been seeing Ana for about 6 months now. When I first visited her I was stressed, very emotional and concerned with my swollen ankles and joints. After a couple of sessions I began to see and feel the difference in myself. 
Her kind and friendly demeanour puts you immediately at ease and the lymphatic treatment is so relaxing and beneficial. I look forward to my sessions and reaping the rewards.
Thank you Ana for giving me back my ankles!”    
Carole, Kesgrave (lymphatic drainage client)

“I started seeing Ana because I suffer quite badly from a lack of upper body mobility – largely as a result of stress and travelling on work commitments. Thai massage has made a huge difference – it is so much more beneficial and effective than other treatments I have had and I especially like that Ana varies the treatment to suit my particular concerns. I thoroughly recommend this.”   Emma, Woodbridge

“For a long period of time I had suffered from regular headaches with no joy from prescribed treatment from my GP and endless amounts of tablets. I decided to try an alternative treatment. Since seeing Ana I have experienced virtually no headaches and feel great with loads more energy and less stress. Although highly skeptical about alternative treatments at first, my experience with Ana has been a big impact on my health and wellbeing.”     Shane, Woodbridge

"I found the Kundalini to hit a really nice sweet spot between concentration, awareness of energy flow, looseness, movement, stillness...  And in particular I'm really interested in breath and the mantras ... this work seems incredibly on point...
And then I had a thai massage and it felt like Ana reached in very deep and loosened everything going down several levels. Excellent"
  David, Woodbridge

"Ana is highly professional and gives the most relaxing and beautiful holistic massage I have ever had. I would highly recommend to everyone."            Charlotte, Southwold

"Excellent massage with Ana yesterday, I feel so much better, so very relaxing and muscles feel so much better, many thanks"    Jane, Woodbridge

* Please note: Thai Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Breema and Massage are offered to women only.  

Please note our cancellation policy. There is a 50% charge of your appointment time if cancelled within 48 hours. Please note that this is regardless of reason.